sarah theismann

Sarah grew up in the Alps in Germany and Austria and moved to California in 2001. She has been studying various methods of healing, art, movement, and consciousness work for 25 years.

The focus of her work now is the embodiment of consciousness and supporting her clients in aligning with their deeper self, through their psyche and body. She has studied intensively with Ray Castellino, who is one of the leaders in the field of Pre and Perinatal work, since 2010 and considers him her foremost teacher in the field of consciousness work.

In her sessions Sarah brings together her studies in somatic work, prenatal and birth therapy, embodied movement methods, and a variety of subtle consciousness oriented practices from Eastern and Western Traditions. 

Other teachers who Sarah has studied with are:

Hugh Milne

Jim Feil

Anna Chitty

Mary Jackson

Ariel Giaretto

Raja Selvam



Educational Degrees:

  • MA in Clinical Psychology, Somatic/Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Specialization, TCSPP, Los Angeles, CA
  • BFA in Studio Arts / Transformative Arts, JFK University, Berkeley, CA

Trainings / Certifications:

  • Somatic Experiencing, SETI, Berkeley, CA
  • Prenatal & Birth Trauma Training, Ray Castellino, Ojai, CA
  • Advanced Energetic Bodywork Training, Body Into Being, Anna Chitty & Ray Castellino, Boulder, CO
  • Movement Based Expressive Arts Therapy Training, Tamalpa Institute, San Anselmo, CA
  • Holistic Massage Therapy Certification, World School of Massage, San Francisco, CA
  • Sexological Bodywork Certification, IASHS, San Francisco, CA
  • Waterbalancing Training, Italy
  • Pilates & Yogilates Instructor Certifications, The Physical Mind Institute, Integrative Teacher Training, Jonathan Urla


  • Somatic Experiencing Training, SETI, Berkeley, CA
  • Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training, Ray Castellino, Ojai, CA
  • Family Practitioner Training, Ray Castellino, Mary Jackson, Tara Blasco, Ojai, CA
  • Pre- and Perinatal Trauma Training, Myrna Martin, Vancouver, Canada
  • Advanced Energetic Somatic Training, Body Into Being, Ray Castellino & Anna Chitty, Ojai, CA