Intimacy & Sex Coaching

Pregnant parents and new families

I offer the following support for pregnant couples and families:

  • Home visits
  • Sessions in my private practice
  • Groups for skill building, connecting with your children, partner and other families

Experiences in the womb, at birth and during early childhood profoundly affect one's long term physical, emotional and mental health. Brain and nervous system development, immune system strength, learning capacity, stress coping strategies, emotional stability and physical coordination are all experience dependent. The sequence of development is laid out genetically but the early environment is the major contributor to how well the systems work. Optimal development occurs with the timely resolution of early trauma and the resulting secure attachment between parents and children. Secure attachment provides the base for a healthy life with healthy relationships.

Below is a video in which child and family therapist Jennifer Kolari explains how positive parenting stimulates the production of oxytocin in a child's brain and how that benefits the child and the parents. In my practice I focus on teaching all my clients on how to increase their bodies' oxytocin production.