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Trauma Resolution Somatics


africalionsSomatic Trauma Resolution is a energetic and embodied approach for resolving patterns of trauma and supporting our whole being to come back into harmonic resonance with our self, the people who matter most to us, and this planet we live on.

For many of us talk therapy is not enough. In order to experience a different relationship with life, the people we are close to, and our selves, we have to include our physical body in the healing process. Numerous experts in the field of neurobiology and neurophysiology have demonstrated this.

In my sessions I combine Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing™, Ray Castellino's Prenatal & Birth Trauma Therapy, expressive art therapy, various forms of bodywork, and other modalities to create a safe and gentle process that allows your body to connect with its innate healing abilities. I do not fix or heal you, but the underlying health and intelligence in your system are brought forward.
This fosters resilience, your capacity to respond to stressful life events without going into overwhelm, and staying in loving connection with your self and your loved ones.

Somatic Trauma Resolution is helpful for integrating issues such as:

  • Chronic stress
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Emotional & early childhood trauma
  • Medical trauma, surgeries
  • Sexual trauma
  • Car accidents
  • Grief & loss
  • Prenatal & birth trauma
  • Natural disasters


Sessions for individuals are tailored to your specific needs. They may be done sitting or lying down, and may involve talking, movement, simple art-making exercises, or touch. My intention is to support you in resolving the problems that are restricting your full vital expression in your life today. Trauma constricts our life force and narrows our experience – resolving trauma on a physiological and energetic level brings us back into the flow of life and opens us up to new possibilities.

Frequency, duration, and number of sessions depend on your needs and wishes.

Contact me to schedule a 20 minute free consult to see whether we are a good match.