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Energetic & Somatic Trauma Healing



We are natural beings and as such we have innate capacities of healing, connecting to the larger fields of wholeness that can hold us and support us in being healthy, strong and connected to our deeper selves. We only have to rememeber how to connect to these fields. 

In my sessions I combine Ray Castellino's Somatic Blueprint work, principles from Peter Levine's SE, various forms of hands on methods, subtle energy work and other modalities to allow your being to connect with its innate healing abilities, which are interwoven with all of nature's healing abilities.

"Trauma" is just another term for too much happened to us in our past and we are still trying to move beyond it, something that we are absolutely able to do with the right inner and outer support. "Trauma" constricts our life force and its expression in every part of our lives - it is difficult and painful to live in such a way, to relate to others, to feel meaning and depth. We were never meant to live like that, nor do we have to.

While I used to focus on the somatic aspect of trauma healing, based on my years of studying somatic methods, I now see the process of healing as including the physical body, but not limited to it. It is essential to include as many layers of our consciousness as we can access: the body, the emotions, the mind, the psyche, and deeper layers of self, which have different names in different traditions. Whatever we may call them, the deeper into our mind we travel, the more effective the healing will be. 

Once greater harmony and integration in the psyche are established, it is easier to live with ease the way we were meant to as natural beings in this world.


Because my work is based on natural healing principles, frequency and number of sessions vary. Together we will do our best to figure out what specific support will allow for your system to begin moving out of its patterns toward a state of greater integration. 

Contact me to schedule a 20 minute free consult to see whether my work is a good match for you.