Intimacy & Sex Coaching


One desire that causes many couples to seek out support is to keep their connection alive, nurturing, authentic and embodied over time. Exploring their early imprints and how they may be affecting their relationship can be a meaningful and effective way of approaching their concerns around intimacy, commitment, needs and autonomy.

In my work with couples I teach practical skills for embodied connection as well as providing a safe space for process work. We will explore how your early sequencing interacts with that of your partner and how you can increase levels of safety and connection as well as differentiation in your relationship.

When working with couples I offer:

  • Communication support
  • How to come back into safe connection - over and over
  • Exploring your early attachment patterns
  • Understanding each partner's sequencing & how it affects your relationship
  • Clarifying each partner's intentions for the relationship and how to get there
  • Embodied attachment exercises to strengthen your secure bond
  • Trauma repatterning work
  • Overcoming injuries to the relationship
  • Intimacy coaching
  • ...and more

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