Intimacy & Sex Coaching

Intimacy & Relationship Coaching


manandwomanDo you love your love life?

Our somatic histories and early attachment relationships do not only affect us in our relationship to ourselves, they also play a strong role in our intimate relationships. How safe do you feel with your partner? Does your body know how to open to trust and pleasure? 

Whether you are interested in a more fulfilling intimate relationship and better communication with your partner, the ability to commit and ask for what you want, or are just looking for a more positive, empowered relationship to your sexuality, I am here to support you.

I take a sex-positive approach that emphasizes your capacity for sensuality, your strength and ability to heal no matter what your history is and the belief that fulfilling intimacy is possible for all of us.

Combining Intimacy Coaching and Sex Therapy techniques, new findings of interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, touch work and prenatal & birth therapy, my sessions offer a unique and comprehensive approach that supports you in having the intimate life you truly want. I combine elements of Stan Tatkin's as well as David Schnarch's work to support couples in finding both greater connection and differentiation. Both are so important!

In my sessions I offer you support for:womanbodyroses

  • Communication support for intimacy
  • Learning about your arousal style
  • Knowing what you want and sharing this with your partner
  • Specific techniques to enhance your pleasure
  • Connecting with your inherent sensuality
  • Identifying your Core Erotic Theme and how it matches with your partner's
  • Learning about your Sexual Sequencing
  • Working with specific challenges, such as delayed ejaculation, being pre-orgasmic, vaginismus, early ejaculation, etc.
  • ...and much more


My individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and consist of coaching, skill-practice, somatic exercises, home-play exercises and education. We explore core believes and imprints that stand in the way of you having a fulfilling sex life.


Whether you have been in your relationship for a long time or whether you have just met your partner, you may wish to expand your intimacy and relationship skills. This will help you create a solid, trusting connection in which you and your partner can show each other who you are, explore your sexuality together and find joy and vibrancy with each other! 


Sexual trauma

Sexual trauma is an experience that is shared by many men and women – as is the experience of healing from this deep wound and being able to enjoy our sensuality, eroticism, vital force and innocence.


We all have the capacity to heal from trauma and be full sexual beings. If you want to move toward that, you can. 

In my sessions with survivors of sexual trauma I focus on your innate capacity to heal and move toward the experience of being alive and empowered in your body now. I use Peter Levine's profound method of healing trauma (Somatic Experiencing™) and various other modalities that have been shown to be safe and effective.

While sexual trauma affects our mind and emotions in many ways, unless we deal with how our body was traumatized by the experience, we will only make limited progress. Our body holds the trauma but also our resources of strength, love, and healing. Accessing these resources and integrating the trauma is done in a gentle and non-cathartic way – the main focus is not to relive or remember the experience (though this can be a part of it if you choose), but to reconnect with the experience of safety, choice, and trust.