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Birth & Family Somatics



Why do we need to work with the body?

Early experiences are stored in our bodies as implicit somatic imprints/memories (see my blog on "Applications of PPN Psychology) that affect us as if the original experience was happening right now. These memories show themselves as:

  • Movements
  • Gestures & postures
  • Sensations
  • Relational dynamics
  • Irrational fears or anger
  • Sequencing patterns
  • Intrusive dreams or images
  • Physical symptoms & illness

Often we have no clue why we are having these symptoms and think something is wrong with us. By integrating the original experiences we can make sense of them and finally relate to them in a conscious way, instead of being unconsciously affected by them.

Here is a short video by Ray Castellino, D.C., on the sentient prenate. His approach has been the main influence on my work with families and children.

As research into our neurobiology shows, our early experiences (from conception over birth to the first 24 months) create powerful imprints that continue to influence us for a long time – for some of us for the rest of our lives.

Birth & Family Somatics explore these early imprints with the understanding that while our past cannot be changed, integrating these experiences can have a powerful and lasting effect on our physiology, emotional, and mental states as well as our relationships. Just like working on the foundation of a house affects the whole building, following the origins of many of our current problems back to this early period can have a profound and healing effect.