Intimacy & Sex Coaching


Have you been trying to change a pattern in your life for a long time without seeing lasting changes despite support from qualified professionals?

Do you notice problems that you would like to change and you have no conscious memory of what could have caused them?

In many cases these are strong indications that the roots of the patterns stem from a preverbal period of our lives, often even the prenatal period. Many people start seeing lasting changes once they are addressing these very early experiences and imprints (for more in-depth information see my Blog "Applications of PPN Psychology").

In my work with adults I focus on what you want for your life now and how deep-seated unconscious/implicit somatic memories make it challenging for you to have the life you want. I offer individual sessions, groups, and workshops.

Here is a video with Myrna Martin, a leader in the field, on PPN imprints in adults.